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Unique and unknown: the story behind the 10 most valuable antique coins in the world

Have you heard of Numismatics?

Numismatics, a term that designates the study and collection of coins, stamps and paper money issued by a nation with the official design of the country. When dealing only with paper money, the term Notaphily is usually preferred. Numismatics has been known since the time of the Persian Empire, although it is not possible to know for sure when it began as a social phenomenon (collectors). Numismatics as a science timidly began in the 19th century, a time of modernization and appreciation as such of all sciences, as we understand them today.

Cataloguing according to conservation

It should be noted that this classification is subject to changes in valuation according to the historical circumstances surrounding the minting of the coins (and other effects of similar function). Thus, we find coins that are very badly treated or have manufacturing defects, which, because they are scarce or even because of those defects, achieve a much higher value.7


Uncirculated (S/C): pieces that have not had much circulation in the market, but have been destined for it. They have no defects.
Excellent good conservation (EBC): it does not have imperfections appreciable at first sight, but it contains the typical traces of a brief circulation and some small blows .
Very good conservation (MBC): good conservation, but has clearly been in progress and has more blows and even scratches .
Good conservation (BC): its numismatic value is half that of the BC. Circulation and imperfections are evident and marked .
Regular conservation (RC): it has scratches, dents, worn out reliefs and other damages of this nature.
Bad conservation (MC): its legends and drawings are illegible or practically unreadable. The metal no longer shines and the imperfections are large: cracks, large dents, erosion of the edge, broken or rusty parts etc.
When a coin is between two categories, it is indicated by a slash or a slash, for example: EBC/MBC. The + or – symbols are added. – after a category to indicate intermediate characters.


They have captivated kings and millionaires, to the point of being acquired at auctions for unthinkable prices. And even presidents made important decisions about them.

Whether because of their material, historical or emotional value or because they represent, coins have captivated kings in past centuries as well as millionaires today.

And the most striking thing is that this passion or hobby has made personalities pay out unimaginable amounts to add a piece as small as it is unique to their collection.


Ancient coins that were auctioned years ago and that were minted there are lots of them around the planet. Here are the 10 most expensive antique coins in the world.

This is a one-of-a-kind $10 coin that was minted in 1792. It is believed that it was created expressly for President George Washington.

Since then, the coin has been owned by 8 elite collectors who have traded it privately for over 100 years.

At an auction held in 2018 in Philadelphia it was sold for $1,749,000.

A 10-cent coin that was minted in 1894. They believe it was made as a gift for some important bankers. In fact, they say that a total of 24 pieces were made at the San Francisco Mint, and only nine of them have come to light.

In 2016, one of these coins was sold for $1,997,500 at an auction in Florida.

This is a . It was produced at the Philadelphia Mint, and in several branches like New Orleans or Denver.

Catalogued as one of the rarest gold coins in existence, it was sold in 2015 for $2,350,000.

The president of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, ordered this penny coin at the end of the 18th century.

They claim that it is the first penny that was made in the country, and its size ended up being so big that from the following year they decided to reduce it.

With a metal detector, they found a 1,000-year-old treasure
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With a metal detector, they found a 1,000-year-old treasure
Although it is not known how many were created, they estimate that there are currently only 10. In 2015, one of them was sold for $2,585,000.

This coin was created to be used as a gift from the United States to foreign diplomats.

Though it dates back to early 1804, it was minted in 1830 in Philadelphia and weighs about 26.5 grams. In total there would be about 15 pieces, which were not distributed until 1834.

When in 1999 it was sold for $4,140,000, it became the record currency at the time for the unthinkable figure.

Five-cent coin dating from 1913. It was produced in very limited quantities and was not authorized by the United States Mint.

Only five specimens are apparently known, two of which are on display in museums and three in private collections.

One of them was released in 2018 and paid $4,560.00, a not inconsiderable price.

The first coin in the list that is neither American nor European, originating in Damascus in 723 A.D. The coin was smelted with gold from a mine owned by the Caliph.

By the way, it is the first of its kind to mention a particular place in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Three employees of the National Historical Museum are arrested for the theft of 900 coins
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Three employees of the National Historical Museum arrested for the theft of 900 coins
It weighs 4.25 grams and was purchased in 2011 by an anonymous buyer who paid $6,013,156, setting a record for a non-U.S. currency.

This 26.6-gram coin dates from the late 1700s, when the U.S. Mint was not yet operational.

The colonies were minting their own coins at that time. The coin was brought to life by the goldsmith Ephraim Brasher, who made just a few of them in New York. The specifications of this coin are almost identical to those of the Lima doubloons and the previous Spanish coins of that period.

In 2011, the “first” was sold to an investment company for $7.4 million.

In 1933, 445,000 pieces of this $20 gold coin were produced. That same year, President Franklin D. Roosevelt of the United States issued an executive order to remove all gold coins from circulation for the general public and to melt them down.

A handful, however, “managed to save themselves”. It is then supposed to be illegal to possess these units, and the United States should seize them if it finds them, except for one. This coin was originally acquired by King Faruq of Egypt.

“The Paper House” became a reality: the Mexican Mint was raided
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“The Paper House” became a reality: they raided the Mexican Mint
After a legal battle, the mint and the private owner agreed to sell it. The price: $7,590,020

Believed to be the first coin ever issued by the U.S. Federal Government Its size and weight were based on the Spanish Real de a 8, known in the Anglo-Saxon world as the Spanish dollar.


The U.S. Mint opened its doors in 1792, but for the first two years it only issued copper coins and some patron coins. This particular coin has been kept in its original state for more than 200 years.

It belonged to a businessman known as Colonel Green, until it was auctioned in 2013 for $10,016,875, setting the record to this day.

Sell ​​American coins and their value

This type of United States coins are characterized by:

American collectible coins most sought after by buyers

All the prices you will see are expressed in US dollars .

Read on to find out which are the best valued coins in the United States !


More expensive old US coins, a good investment

Within numismatics there are a series of circumstances that can cause the value of a coin to skyrocket . This is the case of the pieces that you can see below.

But first you need to know the following:How to get the most out of Silver Coins

What is the MS + conservation status

Within the United States, the maximum conservation status Mint Certificate MS + is certified by very few entities. The really important ones are the following:

What is the most expensive old coin in the United States?

With a value of $ 3,500,000 in normal condition and $ 4,408,000 if they are MS +, these 5 cents are the rarest on the list. They are the famous Liberty Head nickels from 1913.They are so difficult to locate that there are only 5 copies.


Most Wanted American Coins

Within the category of valuable United States coins these pieces are the target of all collector coin buyers and sellers . In this case, we leave out the coins of the colonial era such as columnar ones or macuquina coins .

Know the value of old United States one dollar coins

Morgan Silver Dollars Most Wanted List


American silver Morgan silver dollars can reach exorbitant prices . They are certainly the most collected American one dollar coins .

Price list of old dollar coins with more value

The silver dollars from 1921 are also very interesting , since it was on this date that two of the most important coins of American numismatics coexisted .

USA half dollar coins


A regular fixture at any antique US coin auction , US 50 cent coins can fetch incredible prices.

Although there are many very valuable ½ dollar coins, such as Barbers, Liberty Halves, Franklins, or Kennedy Halves , the ones that trade the highest are the capped and rapped bust .

We show you which ones you should buy at all costs if you stumble upon any of them. It is curious that although its intrinsic value barely exceeds $ 7, its numismatic value is expressed in six figures.

Valuable 25 cent coins


These quarter dollar coins that were in circulation during the 19th century can also reach significant values. Take a look at this list and you will know which of them you should burn in your mind in case you come across them .

Valuable pennies


Perhaps the most wanted American pennies are in front of your eyes. Enter our articles and discover them!

Valuable Dimes – Top Valued Dimes


Due to their high silver content, many of these 10-cent coins were melted to take advantage of the material. However, Liberty Seated dimes are now trading at vastly higher values.

Precisely those with the CC stamp –Carson City- are the most difficult to find and, therefore, the most valued by buyers of old coins from the United States .

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Frequent questions

What types of American coins are there?

Although not all have the same utility due to their low value, the most important types are:
coins One-cent or penny
coins 5-cent or nickel
coins 10-cent or dime-
coins 25-cent or quarter-dollar
coins 50 cents or half dollar

Enter the article for more information.

What are the most valuable American coins?

There is a huge variety of US currencies with very high buy and sell values. Among them the most famous are the Liberty Head Nickels, with prices of millions of dollars each. Enter the article for more information.

Where can I sell my old United States coins?

You can basically sell your old coins in two ways: in a coin store near your city, or through a website that puts you in contact with coin collectors. Enter the article for more information.

Why do American coins command such high prices among buyers?

Because in the USA there is a great demand for American currency by collectors. To this is added that this type of coin is also widely collected in many other countries of the world; Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Arab or Oriental. Enter the article for more information.